Kanamachi's Japanese language school "IECC Japanese Language School". It is a Japanese language school with a long history and a warm atmosphere that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development.
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Privacy Policy

IECC Japanese Language School (hereinafter referred to as "our school") deeply recognizes the importance of properly handling and carefully protecting the personal information of our customers and other people related to our school. We declare that we will act.

Observance of norms regarding personal information protection

In protecting personal information, our school will comply with national guidelines and other norms established by the country.

Definition of personal information

“Personal information” as used in this provision refers to information about a living individual that identifies and can be identified by a specific individual. Specifically, it means all information related to an individual, such as name, nationality, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, family structure, health condition, grades, etc.

Purpose of use of personal information

Our school will use the personal information you provide for the following purposes.

  • Sending and contacting materials related to attending classes or our school
  • Work as an educational institution
  • Information about our school (school events, etc.)
  • Other purposes related to the above

Provision to third parties

Our school does not provide any personal information to third parties except for the purposes stipulated by law. Specifically, the following cases are shown.

  • When there is consent of the person (student or guardian, etc.)
  • When requested by the country based on laws and regulations
  • When it is recognized that there is an urgent need, such as imminent danger to human life or body, etc.
  • When it is deemed necessary to inform the parents of the student's attendance, grades, etc.
  • When the person wishes to apply for school admission procedures, dormitory procedures, introduction of part-time jobs, employment mediation, etc.


At our school, if it is determined that the personal information received from the customer will not be used for the purpose of use in the future, we will erase or destroy it in a form that cannot be reproduced or leaked. ‍

Revision of Privacy Policy

In order to protect personal information, our school will revise the above as necessary in order to respond to changes in the contents of laws and regulations established by the government. ‍

Privacy Policy
A Japanese language school in Nishinippori with a long history that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development. Enhancing multicultural symbiosis and developing the international community.

IECC Japanese Language School was established in 1984 for the purpose of international cultural exchange and human resource development. I have devoted myself to contributing to the development of the international community through the realization of people's dreams, the sharing of different values and cultures of each country, and the fostering of multicultural symbiosis. After that, in 2012, we were reorganized under a new management organization and have continued to this day. We are engaged in educational activities that enhance sexuality.