Kanamachi's Japanese language school "IECC Japanese Language School". It is a Japanese language school with a long history and a warm atmosphere that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development.
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IECC Education Philosophy

“Learning a language is not just learning words, it is learning that country’s culture.”

Following these words from our school’s founder, students are taught Japanese language and culture while living in Japan. However, we feel that this mindset should not be limited to just one country. We strive to teach our students to accept and respect any other person’s country and culture with an open mind and without any preconceived notions.

On top of language abilities, students graduating from our school will have attained three things:

  1. A [Sensitivity] built from experiencing and understanding the language oneself, not just through memorization without context.
  2. A sense of [Peace and Harmony] where one can understand, consider, and respect various countries and other people’s diverse backgrounds.
  3. 3. An [International Perspective] where one can participate in cultural exchange and build bridges between one’s country and others through Japanese language education.
Educational philosophy
A Japanese language school in Nishinippori with a long history that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development. Enhancing multicultural symbiosis and developing the international community.

IECC Japanese Language School was established in 1984 for the purpose of international cultural exchange and human resource development. I have devoted myself to contributing to the development of the international community through the realization of people's dreams, the sharing of different values and cultures of each country, and the fostering of multicultural symbiosis. After that, in 2012, we were reorganized under a new management organization and have continued to this day. We are engaged in educational activities that enhance sexuality.