Kanamachi's Japanese language school "IECC Japanese Language School". It is a Japanese language school with a long history and a warm atmosphere that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development.


About the curriculum

table of contents

At our school, we offer 4 courses according to your Japanese ability.
Even if you can't speak Japanese at all, it's OK! Experienced teachers teach kindly and carefully.

Introductory process

Class level: Japanese proficiency N5‍

This class is for people who don't know Japanese at all and want to learn from the beginning. Since we start from the basics, even those who can't speak Japanese or don't understand grammar at all can take the course without worry. You will be able to use frequently used Japanese words and simple answers.

Contents of introductory course

  • 100 kanji characters and 800 vocabulary words
  • Basic listening practice
  • basic pronunciation practice
  • Basic expression of intention and memorization of daily conversation
  • Advanced practice

Introductory course target audience

  • someone who doesn't know Japanese
  • people who don't understand grammar
  • Those who want to learn from the basics
  • Main teaching materials

Main materials for introductory course‍‍‍‍

Elementary course

Class level: Japanese proficiency N4/N3

This class is for those who understand the words but cannot communicate well. For those who can answer "yes/no" questions, but cannot understand sentences that are a little long or complicated, or who cannot understand conversations when the speed is a little fast, or who cannot ask questions in Japanese on their own. Recommended. You will be able to explain things clearly and learn the important "keigo" in Japanese, so you will be able to communicate properly according to the person you are talking to.

Elementary course learning content

  • 300 kanji characters and 1500 vocabulary words
  • Daily conversation listening practice
  • Pronunciation practice that foreigners are not good at
  • basic communication
  • Spoken sentence pattern practice and dialogue practice

Target audience for elementary course

  • People who understand words but cannot communicate
  • People who can't ask questions in Japanese
  • People who still can't hear Japanese well

Primary course material

  • Daichi 1・2
  • Kanji Tamago Elementary
  • Kanji practice book for 15 minutes a day, etc.
  • go to intermediate
  • TRYN3

Intermediate course

Class level: Japanese proficiency N2

This class is for people who can answer and answer daily conversations, but have difficulty speaking in Japanese. Apply the basics you have learned so far, learn to properly assert your own opinions after listening to familiar topics and other people's stories, and study to a conversational level (including pronunciation) that is comparable to Japanese people. can do.

Contents of Intermediate Course

  • 1000 kanji characters and 6000 vocabulary words
  • news listening practice
  • Accent and pronunciation practice similar to Japanese
  • Discussion/Debate
  • role playing practice

Intermediate course target audience

  • A person who can answer and answer, but cannot have a conversation like a Japanese person.
  • A person who is not yet able to assert his/her own opinion

Main teaching materials for the intermediate course

  • TRYN2
  • Minna no Nihongo Intermediate
  • Learn Japanese from intermediate level
  • new complete master

Advanced course

Class level: Japanese proficiency N1

This class is for people who want to be able to speak and write at the same level as Japanese people, such as being able to assert their own opinions and reading novels. In this class, the curriculum is designed so that students can eventually enter a Japanese university or graduate school.

Advanced course learning content

  • 2,000 kanji characters and 10,000 vocabulary words
  • Cultivate listening and comprehension skills for specialized lectures
  • Speech writing on social topics
  • Discussion on the topic given by the teacher

Target audience for advanced course

  • Those who want to express their opinions in Japanese and read letters and novels
  • People who want to talk on an equal footing with Japanese people
  • Those who want to go on to university or graduate school

Core materials for advanced courses

  • TRY N1
  • new complete master
About the curriculum
A Japanese language school in Nishinippori with a long history that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development. Enhancing multicultural symbiosis and developing the international community.

IECC Japanese Language School was established in 1984 for the purpose of international cultural exchange and human resource development. I have devoted myself to contributing to the development of the international community through the realization of people's dreams, the sharing of different values and cultures of each country, and the fostering of multicultural symbiosis. After that, in 2012, we were reorganized under a new management organization and have continued to this day. We are engaged in educational activities that enhance sexuality.