Kanamachi's Japanese language school "IECC Japanese Language School". It is a Japanese language school with a long history and a warm atmosphere that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development.
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About Career Guidance and Employment Support

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Career guidance

Our school has a long history and has produced many students to university and graduate school. Based on the experience and knowledge cultivated during that time, we provide each student with appropriate career paths, consult with them, etc., and set aside time individually to give them advice so that they can proceed to that path. I am teaching you.

We provide detailed guidance on how to write applications and how to conduct interviews efficiently and effectively. All teachers, including homeroom teachers, work together to make every effort to ensure that as many students as possible can pass their first-choice school. We support you. Let's do our best together to aim for the school of our choice.

About employment support

Along with career guidance, our school also puts a lot of effort into job-hunting support. We support each student so that they can get a job in the industry they want to work in, regardless of their career, such as getting a job at a famous apparel brand company.

Of course, since it is a Japanese language school, there are people who want to use their experiences in their home country to work in Japan, people who want to use what they have learned in Japan in their home country, people who want to work in the service industry, people who want to work in the financial industry, etc. I think that the type of job to be done is each person, but please do not worry. All the teachers will do their best to support you so that you can leave the nest in a new environment with the experience and knowledge that you have cultivated over many years.

About Career Guidance and Employment Support
A Japanese language school in Nishinippori with a long history that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development. Enhancing multicultural symbiosis and developing the international community.

IECC Japanese Language School was established in 1984 for the purpose of international cultural exchange and human resource development. I have devoted myself to contributing to the development of the international community through the realization of people's dreams, the sharing of different values and cultures of each country, and the fostering of multicultural symbiosis. After that, in 2012, we were reorganized under a new management organization and have continued to this day. We are engaged in educational activities that enhance sexuality.