Kanamachi's Japanese language school "IECC Japanese Language School". It is a Japanese language school with a long history and a warm atmosphere that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development.
Admission Info

Admission Info

Admission guide and tuition

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Admission guide

Please be sure to read the following and make sure that there are no omissions such as required documents.

Recruitment course

  1. 1 year and 6 months course (enrollment period: April every year)
  2. 1 year and 9 months course (enrollment period: July every year)
  3. 2-year course (enrollment period: October every year)

Entrance qualification

  • Those who have graduated from high school or equivalent qualifications.
  • Those who have completed school education for 12 years or more, or those who have an equivalent educational background.
  • Honest, diligent, and willing to learn Japanese.

Application documents

Documents related to the person

  1. Admission documents (to be filled out by the student using the form prescribed by the school)
  2. Curriculum vitae (to be filled in by the applicant using the form prescribed by the school)
  3. Original copy of graduation certificate (or certificate of expected graduation)
  4. Final academic transcript (original)
  5. Certificate of enrollment and transcript (original) (for current students)
  6. Proof of various Japanese learning history (original)*
    a. Japanese Language Proficiency Test certificate and transcript
    b. NAT-TEST pass certificate and transcript
    c. J-TEST certificate and transcript
    d. The original of the certificate issued during the Japanese language education period
  7. A copy of your passport (if you have one)
  8. 4 photos (4 x 3 cm)
  9. Other items required by the school

*As a general rule, a copy of a pass certificate equivalent to N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is required.

  1. The application documents must be filled out by the applicant and the financial supporter, and there should be no omissions.
  2. All documents written in languages other than Japanese must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
  3. Depending on the nationality of the applicant, the application documents may differ from the following.
  4. You may be asked to submit other documents as necessary.
About education certification

If you are a Chinese national, please complete the following verifications.aduate

  • College graduate
    ・Authenticated electronic version of diploma (issued by www.chsi.com.cn)
  • High school graduate
    ・Transcript of university entrance examination standardized examination (koko)
    ・Transcript of high school standardized examination (conference)
  • Vocational high school/secondary vocational school/technical school graduates
    ・Vocational high school/secondary vocational school/technical school diploma certificate

If you are a Vietnamese citizen, please complete the following verifications:

  • Certificate of Graduation issued by VN-NARIC
    (https://www.vn.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_ja/ryugakuvisashinseinitsuite.html )

*For the above certification, please apply so that it will be delivered directly to the school.

Example) "Authentication period → School" ○ "Authentication period → Applicant → School" ×

Flow until admission

It takes about half a year from application to enrollment.

Flow from application to admission

  1. Submission of application documents, payment of examination fee
    ・Please send all the documents required for the application to our school by the document submission deadline, and pay the examination fee of 20,000 yen (tax included) by the deadline.
  2. Application for “Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Eligibility” by our school
    ・After receiving the documents, admission will be determined through document screening and an interview, and a "Certificate of Admission" will be issued. Submit the application documents to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
  3. Document examination by the Immigration Bureau Issuance of "Certificate of Eligibility"
    ・The Immigration Bureau will issue a "Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status" after document screening.
  4. Payment of tuition fees (sending of Certificate of Eligibility, sending of admission letter)
    ・Applicants who have been issued a "Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status" will be notified. Applicants should pay the tuition fees to the bank account designated by the school. After confirming the payment, we will send you a "Certificate of Eligibility" and "Admission Permit" from our school.
  5. Visa application/Visa issuance/Send dormitory questionnaire/Determination of entry date/Arrangement of air ticket
    ・Please apply for a visa at the diplomatic mission abroad, arrange your flight ticket after obtaining the visa, and let us know the date you plan to enter Japan. If you would like to meet and move into the dormitory, please fill in the questionnaire and let us know by e-mail. (Those who wish to be picked up must enter the country on the day designated by our school.)
  6. Entering Japan / Enrollment
    ・If you wish to be picked up, we will pick you up at the airport. Residents will continue to live in the dormitory. After taking an orientation for life in Japan, classes begin.


Our school fees are as follows.

Item Fee (tax included)
Examination fee 20,000yen
Admission fee 50,000yen
Tuition fee 660,000yen
Facility fee 20,000yen
Teaching materials fee 10,000yen
Activity fee 25,000yen
Study abroad insurance fee 10,000yen
Total ¥795,000


  1. If the consumption tax amount changes, you will be asked to add the applicable consumption tax amount at the time of payment.
  2. In addition to the above, you may be required to pay a separate fee for some events.
  3. For those who wish to be picked up at the airport upon arrival, an additional 10,000 yen will be charged for the airport pick-up day.
  4. In the case of payment by overseas remittance, an additional 5,000 yen will be charged as an overseas remittance fee.

Tuition Refund Policy

  1. If a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status was issued but did not apply for a visa and did not come to Japan
    ・Conditions: return the admission letter and certificate of eligibility
    ・Refund: Refund Almighty Deposit Excluding Enrollment Fee
  2. If you applied for an entry visa at an overseas diplomatic mission, but it was not approved and you were unable to come to Japan.
    ・Conditions: return the admission letter and submit a certificate that the visa was not issued at the diplomatic mission abroad
    ・Refund: Refund Almighty Deposit Excluding Enrollment Fee
  3. If you have obtained a visa but withdrew from admission before coming to Japan
    ・Conditions: Return of admission letter and visa must be unused and expired
    ・Refund: Refund Almighty Deposit Excluding Enrollment Fee
  4. A student who obtained a visa and came to Japan and withdrew from school without justifiable reason.
    ・Refunds: In principle, do not refund Almighty deposits
  5. In case of non-enrollment after coming to Japan
    ・Refunds: Do not refund Almighty deposits

*The screening fee cannot be refunded for any reason.

*The remittance fee will be borne by the applicant.

Admission guide and tuition
A Japanese language school in Nishinippori with a long history that is strong in international cultural exchange and human resource development. Enhancing multicultural symbiosis and developing the international community.

IECC Japanese Language School was established in 1984 for the purpose of international cultural exchange and human resource development. I have devoted myself to contributing to the development of the international community through the realization of people's dreams, the sharing of different values and cultures of each country, and the fostering of multicultural symbiosis. After that, in 2012, we were reorganized under a new management organization and have continued to this day. We are engaged in educational activities that enhance sexuality.